#MeetTheBand - Lloyd Butler, Pianist

Posted on: 23 Jun 2020

#MeetTheBand - Lloyd Butler, Pianist

When did you join Celtic Woman?

I joined as the Conductor for the Symphony Christmas Tour in December of 2015. 


When did you first start playing piano?

I began taking lessons when I was 15, a rather late bloomer! We used to have keyboards and an organ around the house when I was a little kid and I did enjoy messing around on them but never really did anything formally until I was 15. 


Do you play any other instrument?

Actually, my first instrument is my voice. My bachelor’s degree is in vocal performance. I would also play anything that has piano keys on it - Accordion, synthesizers, organ, etc. 


Whats your favourite Celtic Woman song to play?

My favorite song to play was a song we performed on the Ancient Land tour called Mná Na hÉireann, meaning Women of Ireland. I particularly like the opening piano motive that starts the song and the beautiful arrangement around it. It’s a beautiful song and one I always enjoyed playing in the show. 


Do you have a favourite tour memory?

I have so so many great tour memories. To get the opportunity to perform all over the world with wonderful colleagues and friends is an amazing experience that you can imagine the memories that have been created. On a personal experience, I would say it was a couple years ago when we performed at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up in Cincinnati and my Mom and Dad used to take me to shows there as a kid. I would go to those shows and dream of one day being able to perform upon that stage and be a musician. The opportunity to perform there with Celtic Woman a couple years ago and be on that stage where I am now living the dreams I dreamed as a kid in that building is a truly rewarding experience and a cherished memory. 


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