Q: How many Albums have been released by Celtic Woman?

A: Celtic Woman has to date released fifteen albums; titles below.

 ‘Celtic Woman’.

‘Celtic Woman; A New Journey.'

‘Celtic Woman; A Christmas Celebration’. 

'Celtic Woman; Lullaby.'

'Celtic Woman; Believe.'

'Celtic Woman; Songs from the Heart.'

'Celtic Woman; Greatest Journey.'

'Celtic Woman; Home for Christmas.'

'Celtic Woman; Emerald Musical Gems.'

‘Celtic Woman; Decade.’

‘Celtic Woman; Solo.’

‘Celtic Woman; Destiny.'

'Celtic Woman; Voices of Angels.'

'Celtic Woman; Best of Christmas.'

'Celtic Woman; Homecoming.'


Q: Who is the red head on the cover of the Celtic Woman albums?

A: The lady on the cover of all the Celtic Woman CD’s and DVD’s was chosen as a physical representation of a Celtic Woman. She is beautiful yet mysterious, and her physical characteristics, red curly hair and blue/green eyes, are synonymous with our image of a Celtic Woman. She is not, and never has been a performer with the show.


Q: Where is Celtic Woman's label; Celtic Collections, located?

A: We are based in Dublin, the Irish capital city. All customer orders are shipped from there. See the ‘Contact Us’ for address and specific location

Q: How long has Celtic Collections been operating?

A: Celtic Collections was established in 1996 and has been releasing great Irish music for over twenty one years


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